Streaming via OBS to two or more channels

It's not a secret, that OBS does not support streaming to multiple channels simultaneously (and, according to the developers, will not do it anytime soon).
Here is a solution to that problem.
There are two ways you can go: semi-automatic (where you trust me), and manual.
1. This archive
. This batch file
. Actually, OBS and stuff like that.

Trust me only at this stage, if you are not paranoid and do not think, that I will steal all your bases this way.

Download all you need, run archive (extraction path can be changed, but in this case you will have to change it in the batch file as well), after extraction go to C:nginxconf, find file nginx.conf, open it with notepad, and near the bottom locate lines with rtmp servers.

Here you need to replace STREAMKEY with your translation key (in case of pipe, you may need to replace entire link). Then, if you want, you can change, delete, or add link, depending on how many and which channels you need (don't forget to push before link, and semicolon after it).

Then open OBS, set "custom" in broadcast settings and assign rtmp://localhost/live server.

That's all, configuration is complete.
Before you start broadcasting, run batch file.
After completing the broadcast, in Task Manager kill the second and the first processes nginx.exe (in this exact order).
1. Nginx (it didn't work with another version for me personally)
2. Console, or the same binary as above3
. Actually, OBS and other stuff download

nginx, unzip it into folder C:nginx (or any other, but remember to replace the path), go to C:nginxconf, where you create file nginx.conf

, and there you put this code (had to make a link to pastebin, because stopgame can not normally paste code).

Then everything is exactly the same:
Here instead of STREAMKEY you need to substitute your translation key (in case of pipe you may need to substitute the whole link). Further, if you wish, you can change, delete, add links, depending on how many and what channels you need.
After that, open OBS, set custom in broadcast settings, and set rtmp://localhost/live server.

Before you start broadcasting, either launch binary, or open console (not as administrator), and type there cd C:nginx (hit Enter), start nginx.exe (hit Enter).
After translation is complete, in Task Manager kill second and first processes of nginx.exe (in this exact order).
Also, this way should reduce consumption of resources, but I've checked only performance, and not paying attention.
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