What I saw in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Sweet home Alabama

The developers' attitude towards the series and respect for the fans is immediately striking. Setup is not just an installation on your hard drive, but also an excursus into the history of the first part, so that even those who missed it could move in who Raynor and Carygan are and what connects them, why Mar-Sara sheriff wants to overthrow Arcturus Mengsk - the head of the Dominion, what kind of organization "Sons of Karhal" is. Actually, those who played nastalgia and watched a nice comic book with a nice female voice

I will note that the overall style reminded me of the old and closed (I personally believe that not deservedly) TV series "Firefly" (Firefly) with Nathan Fillion in the lead roles. Outer space, mercenaries, an evil evil evil government that does not like us personally, cowboy themes (in music, clothing style, manners and speech). All this is well presented and aesthetically pleasing

In general, in terms of the approach to the story brings to mind the masterpiece Mass Effect 2. In the first place, the characters: elaborated, memorable, with their motivations, which however are mostly restricted to help Raynor in the fight against Dominion or not. The plot as a whole is not the most exciting, but it is well served. The company has never had a problem with this aspect.

Before each mission a clip, at the end too, we are asked to talk to the team to get their opinion on our actions and the overall environment. The work is very detailed, after we get out of the drunken bar on the big space flagship, immediately you start to believe in the world, that is, that there are planets, with their own regimes, that there is a government that constantly influences public opinion through propaganda on the "first and only".

Throughout the story one meets familiar characters from the previous game, constantly bringing up old heroes, such as comrade Tasadara, who made a fierce kamikaze-jump and destroyed the evil nadmozg. In general, it is not boring to follow, the dialogues are well written. The main merit of this story about love, conspiracy and betrayal is that it has replayability

- so what?
- It's got the same balls, but it's got a different angle.

What about gameplay? You ask me, and I'm surprised you haven't played yet. Yes, all the same and all the same eggs, but now more beautiful, large-scale everything. The formula for a good RTS was open during Warcraft 3, and now Blizzard's just polishing it to perfection. Seriously, I passed Warcraft 3 a week ago and saw nothing new here, the differences are more technical than anything else. It's unfortunate that even the masters of real-time strategy themselves no longer know where to move the genre.

Here of course you can throw me a tomato and say that it's not the whole game and there will be two more companies - that's all true and I will hope for that outcome. Let's go into more detail. Part so to speak the ground, where all the battles take place. I'm not arguing, there's a variety of missions, ranging from a refugee convoy from a planet occupied by the Zerg to traveling in the skin of Zeratul in search of an ancient prophecy. All this we have seen, just there is a very high quality, and in general it's nice to play even a man that RTS stopped loving a long time ago (who has not understood, I'm talking about myself gutaruyu). There is another side to the ship flows. ship is divided into 4 parts: the arsenal, where you can hang upgrades on the units and buildings, bridge - a place where you can see the star map and choose a job to your liking; mess room - a place where the staff and mercenary merchant rests, there's also a TV; Laboratory - where the research that improves all sorts of indicators of engineering, infantry and buildings, as well as open new units

50% of the excellent RTS, 25% Mass Effect 2 and 25% Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War 2