Let's play: yellow submarine, handbook.

Here will be a guide to the Yellow Submarine game.

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1. class features.

1.1 Mechanic.
Mechanics are such strong guys who also think with their heads. They are responsible for all the equipment on the ship. Without them, the cruiser would fall apart two days after the start of the game, so this class is very useful. However, they not only fiddle with the bolts and screws, but also go to the battlefield with everyone else. They are the only ones who can fix a broken suit in combat or a jammed weapon.

1.1.1 Abilities.
Mechanics initially have a hundred life points (or a stupid 100 G). They can handle any light and any normal medium weapon. Their accuracy is average. Speed is average. Their close combat is above average. Have the ability to repair weapons and spacesuits in combat. Have the ability to repair ship systems. Have the ability to produce weapons and ammunition.

1.2 Gunner.
The gunners are the smart guys who have good reactions but bad strength. They have the whole information part of the ship on them, as well as battles in a vacuum against other ships. Can become Sniper-Canons, who also fight on boarding.

1.2.1 Abilities.
Cannoneers possess at the beginning of 50 G's. They can handle any light weapon, and after passing the Sniper training they can also handle sniper medium weapons. Accuracy is great. Speed is low. Close combat is low. It is possible to deliver a critical hit. It is possible to program the automatics. Can deal with the gunner's console.

1.3 Space trooper.

1.3.1 Sniper.
Snipers are the kind of special troops who cherish and nurture their beloved "elephantine guns". They have the cover of the rest of the battle group, but in themselves they are weak. Their strong point is long range combat, and they already feel uncomfortable at medium range. Skills.
Snipers have an early 75 G. They can handle any light and any sniper medium weapon. Accuracy is great. Speed is below average. Close combat is below average. There is the ability to deliver a critical hit.

1.3.2 Bomber.
Demolitionists are such black one-eyed alcoholics from TF2 more or less strong guys who are great at throwing grenades, know how to put mines, cook Molotov cocktail, shoot a rocket launcher and just blow up C4. They are responsible for the rear of the team, crowd control, and clearing the aisle of all sorts of closed doors. Abilities.
Bombers have a starting power of 100 G's. They can handle any light and invoked weapon, be it a grenade or a rocket. Accuracy is medium. Speed is high. Close Combat - Low. Possesses the ability to fire two light weapons at once, but only on one target.

1.3.3. Stormtrooper.
Stormtroopers are such strong guys, who will tear apart any enemy like a hot-water bottle of Tuzik that fell on the head of a poor dog from the eighth floor. Their main purpose is reconnaissance and sabotage attack, but they are also good defenders for snipers. They are responsible for scouting, dealing with enemy vehicles and commanders, and protecting the group at close range. Abilities.
Stormtroopers have 100 G's at the start. They can handle any light and assault weapon, be it an AK-47 or a six-barreled machine gun, as well as a C4. Accuracy is average. Speed is medium. Close combat is high. It is possible to use the invisibility generator. It is possible to kill inconspicuously.

1.4 Navigator.
Navigators are very smart guys who make maps, control the movement of the ship and... do almost nothing else. Well, they battle from time to time, because you have to make maps in battle too, so as not to get lost. Their job is to keep the team from getting lost and to prevent the enemy ship from making mincemeat of ours during the space fight.

1.4.1. Abilities.
Navigators possess at the beginning 50 G's. They can handle any light weapon. Accuracy is medium. Speed is medium. Close Combat is low. It is possible to map the space and the station they are on. Have the ability to control the ship.

1.5 Diplomat.
Diplomats are those smart guys who can understand other intelligent races after a few minutes of conversation. In the past they were space paratroopers, so they know how to handle medium weapons. They have the trade and diplomacy of the ship as a whole.

1.5.1 Abilities.
Diplomats have an early 75 G. They can handle any light or ordinary medium weapon. Accuracy is medium. Speed is average. Close Combat is below average. Can understand other races after interacting with them for a while, and can speak their language.

1.6 Scientist.
Scientists are such brilliant people, who studied in universities all (or almost all) their life. They are the only ones who can help restore life in battle. They have the responsibility for research in any field, as well as health care within a single combat unit.

1.6.1 Abilities.
Scholars possess at the beginning of 50 G's. They can handle any light weapon. Accuracy is low. Speed is high. Close Combat is low. Can heal others. Have the ability to learn and invent something new.

2. Ship.
(Marked. Transitions between rooms on the plans are marked with white dots.)

2.1 Lower Deck.

2.2 Middle deck.

2.3 Upper deck.

3. Help for players.

3.1 Sibiryak23
Owner of the character: Sibiryak23.
Class: Scientist.
Age: 19.
Special Skills: Time to create medicines - 12 hours. Treatment more effective: + 10 to life.
Current condition: 50 G. Accuracy is low. Speed - high. Close Combat - low. Middle deck: Gym.

3.2. yJIu4nbli
Owner of the character: yJIu4nbli
Class: Stormtrooper.
Age: 21.
Special Abilities: Temporary Invisibility for 3 turns.
Current state: 100 G. Accuracy - medium. Speed - medium. Close Combat - High.

3.3 Assassin
Owner of the character: CEKTA18
Class: Sniper.
Age: 27.
Special Skills: Mastery of both rifle and pistol. + 20 to total damage from these types of weapons.
Current condition: 75 G. Accuracy is good. Speed - below average. Close Combat - Below Average. Middle deck: rear living quarters.
Real name unknown.
Spent his childhood in an orphan asylum.At the age of 16 ran away and became a member of a gang.At 18 he first killed a man in a shooting.At 19 he went to jail for murder for 6 years.At 20 he and 19 more criminals were taken to the punitive unit.A month later during training he was noticed by the most famous sniper on earth and took him under his care.At 23 he mastered the Long and Middle Range Rifle.At the age of 24 he went on a special operation together with his teacher, during the operation his teacher died.Before his death he gave him his rifle.Since then he has not parted with it.From the age of 24 to 26 he participated in many armed conflicts.At that time he mastered the skill of shooting with a pistol.At 27 he enlisted in the "Yellow Submarine" spaceship in a desire to find the killer of his teacher.
1) profallout.ru/_ld/0/44919737.jpg - battle armor
2) tesall.grafstor.ru/files/ta/tactical-vest/2.jpg - masses.

3.4. Polkin
Owner of the character: Polkin
Class: A gunner.
Age: 30 years.
Special Abilities: Each shot can be aimed straight at one of the enemy's ship systems.
Current condition: 50 Gs. Accuracy - high. Speed - low. Close Combat - low. Lower Deck: Power systems and life support systems.
Polkin, 30, gunner.
Has shown an interest in weaponry since childhood, reading books about guns.
Subsequently, he wanted to link his life with a military career. At 18 he was drafted into the army. There he trained as a gunner, learning the location of the different
systems in different warships and their weaknesses, and improving his gunnery skills.
He participated in many armed conflicts and miraculously survived.
After serving three years he was sent to civilian life. But there awaited him only sadness and gloom. He did not have enough money from work, and he wanted to remember the old days.
At the age of 23 he became a mercenary. He worked for various military corporations, perfecting his already perfect skills in running guns, he had more than enough money. After 7 years, he joined the Yellow Submarine.

3.5 Ghost
Character Owner: StreloK55
Class: Gunner.
Age: 16
Special Abilities: The ability to stealthily sneak and stun.
Current state: 50 Gs. Accuracy is high. Speed - low. Close Combat - Minor. Lower Deck: Workshop.

3.6 Buff.
Character Owner: Muc
Class: Stormtrooper.
Age: 35.
Special Abilities: For 30 points of damage he received, his damage is increased by one level.
Current condition: 100 Gs. Accuracy - medium. Speed - medium. Close Combat - High. Middle Deck: In the transition from the dining room to the gymnasium, nailed his head with a door, whiskey in hand.
Buffalo or Big Booy.
I was born, I graduated from the space vocational school #55. I served in the airborne regiments. My dad told me to stop sitting around and go to work. I got up and went to work. I was looking at the Yellow Sardine and I was like, "Oh, I'm a paratrooper!" And I like yellow. I also like chicks. I don't like nerds. And I also like working out. That's it.

3.7 Vitalik.
Owner of the character: VITALIK8889
Class: Diplomat
Age: 20
Special Abilities: Only handles light weapons, but can use the psi ability instead. The character is given a PSI parameter of 50 PSI at the beginning. For this energy he can do the following things:
1. Read minds. (10 PSI. Allows you to learn the language of another race after using this ability. What you read tells you the GM).
2. Throw things with the power of thought. (The heavier the thing, the more PSI you need for this ability.)
3. Subdue a creature. (200 PSI. Allows to control only one creature. Vitalik's mind is transferred to the creature's body, so he can't move his own body.)
Condition: 75 G. 50 PSI. Possession of only light weapons. Accuracy is average. Speed - average. Close combat - below average. Middle deck: Infirmary.
Real name: Vitalik.
Last name: Classified
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20 years
Excerpts from his biography:
Learned foreign languages very easily at school, also showed inexplicable abilities.
Disappeared when he was 15 years old. Relatives received news of his death. Being in secret special forces he learned to use light weapons and telepathy. As a consequence of experiments he began taking psychotropic substances, in connection with what began to appear terrible headaches. (Further information is classified)
At age 20 he decided to enlist in the service on the spaceship "Yellow Submarine" trying to find a cure.
Appearance: stopgame.ru/files/wallpapers/8423/mass_effect-10.jpg

3.8 Senya.
Character Owner:3dgeymer
Special ability: Ability to create a shield that reduces damage by 5 units.
Condition: 100G, Speed - medium. Accuracy - medium. Close Combat - High. Middle Deck: Infirmary.
Growing up in a poor family.Father was a poor merchant and mother unemployed.He did poorly in school and lived an ordinary life until at 16 he was drafted into the army.There he learned to be proficient with weapons.When at 19 he was shot on a mission he was saved by a nurse he then fell in love with.At 20 he finished the army and together with the nurse went to live a normal life without war.At 21 they got married and had 2 children.After half a year he came home from work and found his wife and kids killed in a burglary, the police failed to act and he decided to take justice into his own hands. Hot on his heels he tracked down the killers and killed them and was jailed for two years.

3.9 Mad Boot
Character Owner: AntonJ
Class: Bomber.
Age: 32
Special Abilities: Had a nasty blow-up at work, when most of his body was replaced with biomechanical prosthetics. He is extremely fragile and short tempered, and often appears to be physically unable to move or carry heavy objects or shoot two targets at once with his two hands. He is completely unresponsive to the scientist's treatment with medication, and only the mechanic can "patch up" him. Well, and the scientist to upgrade the learned "alien technology.
Current status: Breakdown on the brink of death. 2 G. Accuracy - above average. Speed - average. Close combat - average. Propulsion system disabled. Life support system will shut down in a few hours. If not fixed by deadline, death. Middle deck: in dining room by table next to broken beer bottle.
Mad Boot, 32, bomber.
As a 22 year old rookie on the bomb squad, volunteered to disarm the NOH. Panicked and failed at the crucial moment. The helmet saved his head and the protective suit prevented external damage to his torso. However, the blast wave damaged many internal organs, and shrapnel tore off my left shin and both arms. In order not to condemn him to eternal painful agony, the doctors removed some nerve endings and blunted the remaining ones. He recovered physically and psychologically for a long time, living with the constant thought of his failure. He was dismissed on disability. However, he could not endure sympathetic glances and whispers behind his back for long, and made a deal with smugglers and a lonely psycho-professor-healer. Made unlicensed prostheses of both arms and lower leg. Subsequently, he improved the prosthetics several times, minimizing the side effects of the pirated products. As he got used to his new body he achieved high marks in shooting and physical strength. At 26, after adapting, he became a mercenary. "He disarmed small land mines by stepping on them with an iron prosthesis, for which he earned the nickname "Mad Shoe". The Yellow Submarine contract was the only way for the mercenary to at least temporarily escape the enemies he had made and get some rest. That's what he thought. The last thing he remembered was suddenly all the implanted mechanical and electronic parts in his body stopped functioning. Falling down, he hit his head on the floor...

3.10. Mort.
Owner: Mortiar
class: Mechanic
age: 28
Ability: Multifunctional hand that speeds up the production and repair of weapons, ammunition, suits, etc. + 10 to weapon and suit repair efficiency. - 12 hours to production.
Current condition: 100 Gs. Accuracy - medium. Speed - average. Close Combat - above average. Lower deck: power systems and life support system.
The story doesn't shine with anything unusual. An ordinary guy from an ordinary family. The only unusual thing is a great predisposition to technology. Grew up in a normal family, went to school, served in the army. Lost his arm in an earthquake caused by a collapse in the workshop. It was pressed by the beam and the only way out was to amputate it. Worked for some time for the military in weapons and munitions research. Made himself a prosthetic arm there. For good service and introductions he was sent to the USS Yellow Submarine as a mechanic.

3.11. B_o_Jl_k/TeG
Owner: BoJlk
Class: Stormtrooper
Age: 23
Special Ability: Invisible for 3 turns.
Current state: 100 G. Accuracy - medium. Speed - medium. Close Combat - High. Lower Deck: Workshop.
This character grew up in a prosperous family. He was no different from his peers, but one day he and his family were kidnapped. He was tortured, his legs and arms were amputated and his parents were killed right in front of him, then he was thrown on the garbage heap half-dead, but was found by passers-by and taken to the hospital. Later the news published this news, it turns out his father was a billionaire. Soon the boy was picked up from the hospital by a powerful man. Then he took him to a strange hospital. It turns out this new hospital was a secret organization and this man was an old friend of his father. At this clinic, the boy had his spine restored, his body parts made of supernatural metal, and an implant in his brain that allowed him to become invisible. After six years of knowing his body perfectly, this boy, or rather man who was already 19 years old, decided to take revenge on his killers. He hunted them down for a year and finally he found them. The news later dubbed him B_o_Jl_k as he hunted down the killer for a long time and then killed his victim with extreme cruelty. He was never found, but recently there was a rumor that B_o_Jl_k became a hit man (Stormtrooper) and nothing else is known about him... It was also mentioned in the spaceport bars that B_o_Jl_k changed his nickname to Teg.

3.12. SnouersRussell
Owner: Snouers
Class: Sniper
Age: 19 years old.
Special Abilities: Laser Blade on his personal spacesuit which gives a bonus to all close combat. Including silent assassination.
Suit protects against lasers by 90%, but no more protection.
Current condition: 75 G. Accuracy is high. Speed - below average. Close combat - below average. Highest deck: armory on the left side.
Former assassin, so past is shrouded in darkness. He has a lot of enemies, hiding behind the name of Russell. He joined the crew of the ship after he became undesirable to his employer and was declared wanted (so he didn't care where he flew and why he flew). He has his own code of honor (only he knows the rules) and a very strange spacesuit, which he never takes off (this strangeness is explained differently than the Starcraft hero)), will do anything not to return to civilization (a sure death), at least until he properly prepares himself.

3.13 Nekar Oneev or Kosmovolk.
Owner: Qrr
Class: Navigator.
Age: 35 years.
Special Abilities: Excellent handling of light weapons. Can use it as a sniper.
Current condition: 50 G. Accuracy is average. Speed - average. Close Combat - Small. Higher deck: bridge.

3.14. Leshka.
Owner of the character: AlexUfa
Class: Mechanic.
Age: 20
Special Abilities: Increases the life of repaired items by 15%.
Current state: 100 G. Accuracy - medium. Speed - average. Close Combat - Above Average. Lower Deck: Workshop.

/// Perce Reference Template. (for my convenience.)
// Character Owner:
/Special abilities:
/State at the moment:

4. Other areas of the game.

4.1 Ships.

4.2 Bases.

5. Weapons.

5.1. Light Weapons.

5.1.1 Patron 1 pistol.
Type: light.
Type of damage: Physical.
Number of damages: 5
Number of rounds in magazine: 8
Range: medium.
Features: - Quantity on the ship: 20 pieces.
Ammunition on the ship: 400 pieces.
Reload speed: 1 action.

5.1.2. pistol "Ray 1".
Type: light
Damage type: laser
Number of damage: 3
Number of rounds in magazine: 20
Range: long range.
Features: the shot goes through transparent objects and can be reflected by mirror objects.
Quantity on the ship: 20 pieces.
Ammunition on the ship: Infinite.
Reload speed: 1 action.

5.1.3 Katana V1.
Type: Light.
Damage type: Physical
Number of damage: 13
Number of rounds in magazine: infinite.
Range: contact. Does not hit any further.
Features: Great for chopping vegetables. Weapon of close combat.
Amount on the ship: 20 pieces.
Ammunition on board: none.
Reload speed: None.

5.1.4 Close Combat Weapon "Shadow" (Laser Dagger)
Type: Light.
Type of Damage: Laser
Damage Amount:20
Number of rounds in magazine: 20
Range: contact. Cannot hit any farther.
/ Features: Inflicts critical damage when hit from the back. Only have Snouers.
Amount on board: 1
Ammo on board: Infinite
Reload speed: 1 action

5.2 Average Weapon.

5.2.1 Rifle Bullet 1.
Type: normal medium.
Type of damage: Physical.
Number of damage: 10.
Number of rounds in a clip: 30.
Range: medium.
Special features: there is shooting in bursts. (- 1 to accuracy per hit check. Fires 5 rounds.)
Quantity on the ship: 10 rounds.
Ammunition on the ship: 600 pieces.
Reload speed: 1 action.

5.2.2. Storm 1 Assault Rifle.
Type: Assault Rifle Medium
Type of damage: Physical
Number of damage: 20
Number of rounds in magazine: 60
Range: medium
Features: shoots only in bursts. (- 1 to accuracy per hit check. Fires 5 rounds.)
Amount on board: 5 rounds.
Ammunition on board: 300 rounds.
Reload speed: 1 action.

5.2.3 Sniper Rifle "Lai 1".
Type: medium sniper rifle
Type of Damage: Laser
Number of damage: 10
Number of rounds in magazine: 20
Range: high
Features: the shot goes through transparent objects and can be reflected by mirror objects.
Number per ship: 5
Ammo on board: Infinite.
Reload speed: 1 action.

5.2.4. boom 1 grenade launcher
Type: medium explosive.
Damage type: fire+explosive_wave/blinding
Number of damage: fire: 5, blast wave: 20, dazzle for two turns.
Number of rounds in clip: 6
Range: medium
Features: shots bounce off hard surfaces.
Amount on board: 5 rounds.
Ammunition on the ship: normal: 100, blinding: 100.
Reload rate: per action, the number of rounds in the weapon increases by 1.

/ Type:
/ Type of damage:
/Number of damage:
/Number of rounds in a clip:
/Number of ammunition on the ship:
/ Ammunition on the ship:
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