Discussing the ending of Mafia 2

Be warned, only those who have passed the game come here, to avoid embarrassing spoilers if any!

Here we discuss "impressive" end of the mafia, for me it was so "impressive" that I did not notice how the game ended and went credits.Let's admit this option, if I had not played the game, or passed 3-4 chapters, asked a friend, how it ends? I would have understood it all at once, although I would not have played more than half of the game.But in reality the game is over.Developers have fed us cookies all these years, and we got pavidlo!
Speaking of the picture, Captain Justice is on his way and he's not in the best mood!
Now for the finale, Joe is kind of dead.He was taken away...He wasn't part of the deal.The whole game and the entire mafia in the game seems to me to be a herd of aggressive children. Their actions don't make any sense at all. The end makes no sense at all. Vito went somewhere, where? You could have cut the game on chapter 10 or 12 with these methods. City beautiful outside, but empty inside.It is necessary to pay attention and to the stores with weapons, there are plenty of them around the city, but they can buy a couple of weak guns and shotguns.With the only normal store we are introduced in Chapter 5 (remember machine gun), then the prison, then the episode of the arrival, celebration, shoot is not soon. It is in this store at least you can buy machine guns, grenades, in 14 chapter even rifles appear.
Speaking of cutting changes, found a video from a year ago GamesCom 2009.

Pay attention to the closet, the sight, the texture of the map in the bottom right corner, lock-picking, car behavior, the mission (the beginning is familiar, but then ...), police outposts that are not in the game at all, and the police themselves in shock ... There is a feeling that the developers have made two or three versions of the game over the years.
There will be DLC, but nothing serious for the PC, just a couple of costumes and cars, which they promised up to 80 pieces, and ended up 37 (in two eras).For PS3 comes an exclusive add-on, with missions.YES! We must ask the console owners for forgiveness for the crooked PS3 version!
I admit GTA4 hooked me on a lot more.

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