Which is better: Fortnite or PUBG?

What would your answer be if you were asked: Which game is better - Fortnite or PUBG? And what would happen if you were then asked: Does it matter?

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This opus is a translation of a transcript (translation transcript?) of a video by JackFrags that reflects his opinion. The text has been slightly adapted for easier reading (to the best of my lack of ability).

Since the release of Fortnite, there has been an ongoing online confrontation between fans of both games. The core group of Fortnite players who don't want to hear anything bad about their game are on one side. And on the other, PUBG players, apparently pissed off because their virtual crown was lost, immediately start reminding the former that their game was the first to set a record for players or something like that.

Fortnite vs. PUBG. Free vs. popular.

Of course, not everyone thinks in those categories, and some people don't bother at all. But why does it even have to be "them vs. us" in this situation? Why should anyone put PUBG above Fortnite or vice versa?

Personally, I don't think this opposition should exist. I enjoy spending time in both games, often for different reasons. And I don't particularly read articles on "which of the two games is the most popular" or what other people are saying about them. If I like a game, I'll play it. And I think the same is true for most people.

Some stats from Twitch

Specifically at the moment, I'm probably playing Fortnite a bit more, but I check out PUBG regularly as well. Nevertheless, every time after a Fortnite or PUBG video is published, there are immediately people in the comments who say that the second game is terrible, but this one is better. Or, "stop posting videos on PUBG," "or Fortnite." I just can't avoid it.

And fans from both camps seem to take comments or opinions about their favorite game too personally. Although, it's the internet, you have to treat everything said here with a degree of irony.

In the original it says "with a pinch of salt" which is an idiom, and roughly translates to "treating something with distrust / doubt / irony".

Pretty interesting looking is the very way of thinking of the people who argue about these two games. Of course, it's not just about Fortnite and PUBG. Players have always compared two games that they think are similar to each other. Unreal Tournament was pitted against Quake 3, for example. It was a huge controversy back in the day. But I think they're more similar to each other than Fortnite and PUBG.

Unreal Tournament versus Quake 3. Ahh, the good old days in computer clubs... We managed to play Quake with four people on one small TV, before we had even got gamepads with analogue sticks.

Also, as an example, FIFA vs PES. PES used to dominate, but FIFA has snatched the lead in the last five or so years.

What about Call of Duty vs Battlefield? Another good example. Specifically these two games have had some sort of rivalry going on for a few years now. But it doesn't look as if the developers or PR people themselves are creating it on purpose. The gamers, the fans, are doing it themselves. Don't get me wrong, deep down both development teams would probably want their game to be the coolest and most popular because they want to be successful. But it's the players, and the fans, who will defend their favorite game if someone takes a hard look at it.

Call of Duty vs Battlefield. Personally, I've always been more on the side of the latter, but I also bought CoD regularly until recently, mostly because of the single-player. Battlefield, on the other hand bribed by its multiplayer. Admittedly, playing alone is not that interesting and quickly gets boring...

Also, another great example of rivalry in the gaming industry is the confrontation between Xbox and PlayStation. And this is more interesting because these two companies are really directly competing with each other for market shares and other things. But really, there's plenty of room in the market for both consoles. After all, most people who like to play multiplayer and don't like PC will probably buy the console that their friends have so they can play together. If all your friends are on Xbox, you're more likely to buy an Xbox. Same with PlayStation.

Even though I'm a peckerhead, it's always been the PlayStation that I prefer out of consoles. Because exclusives, yes.

Although, some exclusives do influence the choice. But even still, it's like some people feel the need to shout out that their console is the best. Really, it has no effect on the preferences of other people who are just playing games they're interested in with their friends. You can be a Billyboy who only ever buys Xbox consoles and hates PlayStation, but then you're missing out on a great bunch of great exclusives like One of Us, God of War and Horizon.

The rest of this year and next year promise to be very hot on PlayStation.

In the case of Fortnite and Battlegrounds, the rivalry does have its place, in my opinion. These two games are the gold standard of the Battle Royale genre, at the moment. With a huge army of fans and players. And with that being the case, it's just impossible not to take players away from each other. I know a lot of people who play both projects. There is a place for both of these games in the gaming industry because they offer a very different gaming experience.

Like I said above, when I do a video or stream on one of these games, I always have people come to me in the comments and say, "Jack, Fortnite or PUBG? Decide, right now, which one do you like?". You know what, why can't you like both? Well, actually, you can. Despite popular opinion, you don't have to prefer one game over the other at all, or even just get on virtual sides. You can just play what you like at the moment.

The female characters are good in both games ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

We're talking about two different games here. Yes, they are similar in that they are both Battle Royale with a circle at its core that gets smaller, with a hundred players forced to fight. Where you have to collect weapons and items once you hit the ground after jumping off a plane or bus. After which the last player or squad becomes the winner. But beyond that, the idea and concept of both games is completely different. And they are also played completely differently.

I think it's fair to assume that Fortnite is aimed at a younger audience compared to PUBG. That's not to say that it won't be interesting to everyone else. But its art style, cosmetic items, player costumes, modes, and free distribution model themselves imply a focus on younger players, for the most part. PUBG, on the other hand, doesn't have something that's going to pull in young audiences. It's kind of a more mature game that leans more heavily on realism and immersiveness.

"BLOODY SCREEN, SO REAL..." © Duty Calls

While Fortnite's shooting mechanics do require at least some skill, it's actually the construction that sets it apart from its Battle Royale rival. The ability to not only destroy most of the environments and shelters on the map, but also build your own shelters in the form of springboards, floors, and walls completely changes how any in-game encounter can go. Regardless of what part of the map you're fighting on. In Fortnite, the way I see it, you may be a less skilled shooter than your opponent, but if you're better and faster at building, you can still come out the winner in any battle. It really is that important.

It's important in Fortnite.

There's always something unexpected or unknown in every battle, especially in squad battles. And that means you need to be on your guard at all times. Combine that with the arcade nature of the game, where players can jump and shoot without losing accuracy, can ride a rocket, use jump platforms, and so on. It all makes for very varied and often unpredictable gameplay.

But sometimes, you know, I feel like something a little bit more down-to-earth, more slow-paced. Something more predictable. Imagine that you have an enemy that you have crammed behind some shelter, say, a shed or a garage. In PUBG, assuming you have everything in view, you know that this player won't get away easily. You can imagine in your head all the options that this player has. If he wants to escape then he will have to take a certain path, if he shoots back then he will have to fight you face to face.

You can even play Hunter by watching the guides.

In Fortnite, you just don't have that luxury. This opponent can set up trampolines, can undermine, can use a trampoline, and so on. That is, if you cornered someone behind cover in Fortnite, it means absolutely nothing, but in PUBG the opposite means everything. This works both ways by the way, if you're stuck behind cover and enemies are closing in on you, your escape options are extremely limited in PUBG. Whereas in Fortnite, you have a real chance to fight back.

Plus, you could say that PUBG forces you to make decisions based on zone movement and seriously consider your next moves and location. Even with fantastic foresight, though, you can get screwed by poor zone convergence. In Fortnite, on the other hand, you don't have to worry about the zone as much because you know you can build cover anywhere if necessary. And the map itself is much smaller, so running almost always isn't particularly far.

Life Zones on Erangel in PUBG

While I like both games, I think some mechanics are better implemented in one than the other. One thing Fortnite handles better than PUBG is mid-game. You see a lot more live players in Fortnite than in PUBG in the middle of a match, simply because the crowds in PUBG die at the beginning. And, again, the map in Fortnite is much smaller.

Bluehole, the developers of PUBG, are trying to fix this sag with a new map that was recently tested on their experimental server and is now called "Sanok". I have to say, for the most part, it feels more dynamic throughout the match, although there are still occasional sags from time to time.

A new map in PUBG called "Sanok". The smallest and must be the most dynamic map of all.

Fortnite, for its part, is battling its own sore spots in this regard. With the introduction of Tilted Towers, a lot more players are now dying at the start of a match. Now it's gotten to the point where something needs to be done about it and rumor has it a big meteor or alien invasion will hit Tilted Towers and they will be replaced with something else. It might even be an entirely new map (no, it won't). But Fortnite has challenges that motivate players to go to certain areas of the map to complete them. So that also helps spread players around the map a bit.

What I'm getting at here is that both of these games offer a completely different gaming experience and you can play them differently. I love Fortnite, but I also enjoy going to play PUBG because it gives more realism and tactical interaction and can be just as fun. And you know, competition is a great thing for the gaming industry and beyond, after all. Fortnite burst onto the gaming scene at a breakneck pace, and it hasn't slowed down by becoming so successful. Updates are still very frequent and unusual. Which in turn is forcing Bluehole to start hustling with their game to keep players with them. And that's fine. There's room in the industry for both games. And if they keep updating, they'll promote themselves well.

Fortnite's overall rise in popularity online.

Rumor has it that Massive, the creators of The Division, are also sort of working on a battle royale in The Division 2. And it seems like every man and his dog right now, is trying to take a bite out of the Battle Royale hype. But only the best games will stand out and gather players. Right now, the two best battle royale games are Fortnite and PUBG. But just let another good game break into the genre and I think we'll be hitting it all of 12 months already.

Any player's worst nightmare

Loving both Fortnite and Battlegrounds by playing them regularly is possible. And if you like one more than the other, you don't have to insult the players who like the other or the game itself. Everyone has different tastes, after all.

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