Review of the movie "The Beginning"

I was no exception, and like many, I waited quite a long time for this film. I waited and waited... And as it turned out, it was not in vain.
I must say that this film really impresses with the peculiarity of the director's thought. The movie is about dreams. Yes, everything is perfectly worked out and thought over, but it is not the first time we have seen it. For example, in "The Matrix" there is nearly the same idea.

The criminal Dom Cobb steals other people's ideas from his victims while they are asleep. After many thefts, he has already become a pro, but he receives an order not to steal, but to implement an idea. If he succeeds, the customer promises to solve all the problems with the authorities that prevent Cobb from returning to his family, to his children. True, it is not clear to the end how the protagonist penetrates the dream of exactly who he needs - this, perhaps, remains unanswered.

It is worth noting that you are absorbed in some moments only during the second viewing, because the first time you are what is called "under the impression".
The whole movie is suspenseful, and the suspense grows with every minute. The ending is ambiguous. You decide for yourself how it all ends.

By the way, many people do not understand what the Inception has to do with the ending, but if we translate the original title of the movie (Inception) as Inception, everything becomes clear.

The film demonstrates that one should not live in the past, otherwise he will not develop, and will even start to degrade, will become paranoid. You have to look forward, believe in the future and everything will be okay.

The special effects in the movie are amazing. The staircase gags, the hotel corridor, the collapsing buildings in DiCaprio's dream, the splitting of the street into atoms (you can't list everything) are all awesome.

The music by composer Hans Zimmer is always on point. It adds to the emotion.

The city in which Cobb and Moll have lived for 50 years looks monotonous. They could have created something more interesting.

Some would say that the movie is too long. I don't think so. The movie is watchable in the same breath and there is no desire to look at the clock.

For those who haven't seen the film and only intend to, I'll give you a piece of advice - watch it as carefully as possible to understand the ending, because when it seems that there will be nothing interesting, Christopher Nolan gives us another surprise.

If you like movies where everything is clear and understandable, this film is definitely not for you. If you like movies where you can think things out for yourself, I think you'll like it.

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