Disciples II. Revival of the legendary strategy

Good afternoon. Surely everyone who loves strategy from childhood remembers the glory days, when with gusto for hours on end they played the classics of its genre Disciples II and experienced a lot of emotions when completing campaigns, scenarios, and playing against each other. To this day, of all the series, it's still one of the top games in turn-based strategy, competing with Third Heroes.

And there are two pieces of news, one good and one bad. I will start with the bad news - old masterpieces sooner or later begin to be forgotten and gradually remain only pleasant memories. And now the good one - there are people who bring such great games out of oblivion thanks to their work. Remember again Third Heroes, which got a new life thanks to the modification of HotA with blackjack and nymphs. And in 2013 it was the hour of disks. The case was taken up by the developer Norwegian Salmon, who began to create a modification of the same name.

Logo of the developers

What is the difference between the original and other modifications! Let's take this question apart. And the first thing worth noting is the editing of the balance and the addition of new branches of unit development. Plus, each race has a hidden branch of development for a new unit.

And here are the new units punching each other in the face

I would also like to note that the heroes were redesigned - now they attack twice (of course the damage was cut, otherwise it would be too much), added a lot of new abilities, and when a hero reaches level 15, he can learn a unique skill of his faction.

As an example, one of the proposed perks hero Mountain Clans

The Empire now has branches with elemental shooters and melee killers, as well as a mage branch with summoning perks.

Alternatives to guys with daggers and simple bows are aerial bombardment from borealis Thugs had their place in the Imperial Army, too And you thought the occult was forbidden by the Inquisition?!

The dead are weakened and there is no immunity to weapons for werewolves and mages, but there is a support unit from the alternative ghost branch that imposes protection against weapons, similar to the way druids of gnomes impose damage. To compensate for the loss of weapon immunity, werewolves have added a branch and thus diversified their tactics.

Dark Elves found a place in the Mortis army I'm a wolf...auf.

Doppelganger of the Legions of the Damned with level gain and built structure can become a master of masks, summoning two doppelgangers. The warrior branch has units that deal damage mentally, and ranged damage. Gargoyles also have a place to run wild.

Glamorous Demonologist Fucks your brains out better than your girlfriend. Why armor when you can just whack more dumplings?!

Regarding the dwarves, there was a branch of yeti, it's just a pity it's short, and also, very well, continued the branch of giants, hitting "earth". Basically, the Mountain Clans just changed the old units, adding various "gizmos" to them.

A mammoth or a rhinoceros. Chocolate beauty

The elven alliance has been transformed as much as the others, especially the shooter branch. Marauder now shoots at EVERYTHING, and if you go through the construction of sentries - you can reclassify shooters into serious melee masters. Oh yeah, completely forgot ... also centaur archers joined the elves.

How do you have to be trained to fire multiple arrows at once?! Screw the bow and arrow! Give me poisoned blades! A muscular stallion, nothing new in principle...

In general, almost all units were transformed, even the neutral ones... even goblins became cooler than a boiled egg, because some of them can poison, and others can set fire to them, isn't it great?

There's the one with the poison, and then there's the guy with the fire stick.

And that's just the tiniest part of the mod I've told you. It would take more than one, two, or even three articles to cover everything. And about new spells, and new artifacts, and about the AI, about the difficulty levels ... oops ... will be a lot of text, a lot of illustrations, and even video! Oh I remembered, we also can't not mention the "secret" branches of each faction, and that will be a surprise to youThat's Latin?

Isn't that Latin by any chance? Let's take note One of the hidden branches. Ents. Developed according to the selected support branch.

Perhaps it is worth summarizing. The mod is great, I play with pleasure, I'm glad the new elaborated disyples. Of course in some places it would be nice to tighten the balance, refine some of the units because of their too high characteristics. This is a great mod for online battles, and for the tournament will do well enough, because the variations of a set of armies, branches of development, spells, items, and new tactical maneuvers now abound

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